Retail Sales Brokering

Retail Sales Brokering

It’s Not Only What You Know, It’s Who You Know

Over the years, SMP has grown in the point of purchase display industry in a lot of ways. Primarily our client / partners, really drive that growth. As we are not the typical POP company, we are true solution providers and a large resource for our clients / partners. Our manufacturing abilities and direct retailer relationships, coupled with our national broker network allows SMP to offer these services to our businesses looking to either bring their product to market OR obtain a secondary merchandising location.

Our ability to have direct access with category managers in Food Drug, Specialty, and Mass Market accounts, can speed up your approval process in gaining distribution.

National Product Representation

Monthly Development Program
Sales Development Strategy
Promotional Planning
New Item Funding Negotiation
National Product Launch
In-Store National Merchandising Service
IRC Printing and Merchandising Program
Shelf Tag Set-Up
Shelf Strip Set-Up
National Plannogramming Service
Aisle Violator Printing and Merchandising
… and More, just ask us.
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