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On A Mission

For Over 60 Years and Counting

Since 1955, our mission has been simple.

We strive to create modern, disruptive design for your products & brand, deliver those designs to the marketplace, and grow your brand through our long-standing retail relationships.

Our family has built a globally recognized retail branding agency that continues to master marketing creativity. Our design, production, logistics and marketing teams have seamlessly grown together to provide a highly efficient sales force from concept to store that gives you the power to build your brand and grow your business exponentially.

At Our Core

We Value Our Clients, Our Environment And Our Team

We are a family in more ways than one.

When you become our client, you join the SMP family. We may be global and have several teams of families running our many different divisions, but we still prioritize individual, customized care for our clients.

We get emotionally involved with every partnership and project. That level of investment is the reason for our success and the way we continue to deliver results for our clients. Each of our employees shares our vision, our standards of quality and creativity, and our respect for the environment. They are equally involved in your success and evolution.

We truly value every opportunity and new partnership that joins our family. Thank you for considering joining us and becoming a part of our core.

Our History

Three Generations of Family Building Innovative Retail Display Technologies

Highlights From Our History Since 1955


1955 - Cadillac Wire Corporation

Formed in 1955 By Andelfo & Joe Russo, as one of the premier permanent wire display manufactures on the East Coast. 75K sq. ft. Full service custom design and manufacturing with innovative in-house Powder Coating, “ahead of the curve” technology at that time ….Cadillac Display was acquired by Greyhound Exhibit Group in 1977.


1978 - POPAI Platinum Award

The first POPAI Award for the Drakes Bakery Display.


1979 - MPDS Formed

Formed in 1979 by Robert P. Russo, son of Andelfo Russo. MPDS was formed after Greyhound Exhibit Group spun off Cadillac Display Corporation. Robert expanded the manufacturing services to include wire, corrugated, vacuum forming, injection molding & combination of materials.


2001 - SMP Global Formed

Formed as a division of Mark Phillip Displays Systems, Inc., in 2001 by Greg and Bryan Caglione. Technology boom had begun and we saw the industry changing… We developed the business model to offer clients additional services such as category trends, market voids, higher level design and increased manufacturing services on a global basis. We are vertically integrated in all areas of Retail & CPG from retail displays to retail packaging to store within a store.

2011:  SMP Global Buys Out MPDS.


2013 - POPAI Bronze Award

Second POPAI Awarded for HASBRO Movie Display - My Little Pony

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