Logistics & Project Management

Logistics & Project Management

The Keys To Continuous Sales and Brand Growth

When you’re preparing for a program launch, whether it is regional or on a national level, logistics and project management are two key components that can make or break your launch.

SMP has over 1MM sq. feet of manufacturing with integrated logistic support handling all of your requirements. Full in-house logistic staff that manages all of the aspects such as:

  • Receipt of your product
  • Inventory Management
  • Assembly and Fulfillment
  • Packing your displays according to retailer specifications
  • Loading your displays according to the distribution center or retailer requirements (labeling the master cartons, weight limits, height of pallet, labeling pallets)
  • Liaison between the client and carriers where SMP coordinates all pickups via a carrier schedule
  • Manages all bills of lading and packing slips
  • Tracks all shipments from dispatch to delivery
  • Same day reporting
  • Secure on-site storage facility monitored by closed circuit TV system

Our project management service is available for companies that do not have the infrastructure to support this. We work directly with the retailers, since SMP is an approved direct vendor of most nationally recognized retailers. Our involvement with the retailers is with store operations, visual merchandising and category managers. Our management will monitor and guide the entire process from shipping, to receipt of the displays, to ensure the set up of your display program at retail.

This is all handled with our national merchandising team and internal team leaders to ensure all of the communication is properly handled and executed at retail. A shocking statistic is, close to 75% of all displays that are shipped to DC or direct to store, without the proper follow up and management NEVER get set up or set up correctly at retail. Imagine the loss of your incremental sales!!! An upfront investment in proper project management can either make or break your program.

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